Co–Founders of Naked Audience Productions ( NAP Events ) Bonnie Bonadeo and Alejandra Crisafulli have trained thousands on public speaking, leadership, branding and coaching skills all designed to support Mastering the Art of Authentic Communications.  

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Alejandra CrisafulliNamed "Best Life Coach” in California by The Corporate America’s, 2016 Boardroom Elite Awards, Alejandra Crusafulli has educated thousands with her revolutionary coaching methods. She is the Founder and Master Coach of Alejandra Crisafulli Coaching and Co-Founder of Naked Audience Productions. She holds a Master of Metaphysical Sciences and has over 16 years of experience in corporate management, coaching, training and development.  Alejandra is considered one of the “pioneers” of the coaching industry and has coached and trained clients in the United States, Canada and Japan. 

With Alejandra’s guidance and support, clients are able to release limiting beliefs, break through communication barriers and achieve profound healing. As a result, over 1400 coaching clients have achieved personal, financial and business success, reached their goals and created authentic lives filled with love and purpose. 

Bonnie Bonadeo |  Arakara LLC, and Co-founder of Naked Audience Productions, Bonnie has been a leader most of her life and in business for over 25+ years with her brand of “Connecting YOU to YOU”. Her experience started in beauty and she created a beautiful thriving career of coaching, leading and training others. Bonnie’s worked for some of the most notable manufacturers and distributors to directing small and very large celebrated events. As a 2013 Enterprising Women and a 2 times International best-selling Author of Success in Beauty, host of BEaUty Inside and Out Radio Show and a Certified Emotional Intelligent Trainer, Bonnie speaks on her struggles and successes as a leader and entrepreneur to foster growth, connection and awareness in others.