From Flawed to Fabulous: 
The Women’s Guide to Having Your Ideal Relationship
4 Week Online Workshop

Do you feel like you keep attracting the wrong people into your life? You may feel stuck and trapped with your partner or simply disconnected and wonder how you got to this place, again? Many women feel like they can’t be their best or true self and are destined to live an unfulfilled life with the wrong person.

The truth is you can have the relationship and life of your dreams. But it’s up to you to create it. Within this comprehensive four- week online workshop, you will discover your own intuitive and unlimited power to manifest healthy long-lasting relationships.

Focus for Week One Session:  Being in a committed relationship can be challenging and understanding relationships even more difficult. We tend to romanticize and fantasize at the beginning of our relationships, believing that we have found the “perfect partner.” Then all of a sudden we question: where did that person go; who is this person standing before me now and how could I have been so blind?

In Class 1 You Will Learn:

  1. How you attract romantic partners into your life.  
  2. The roles each of you play in your relationship.
  3. Why you are playing those roles and how they impact your pain?
  4. What do you gain by attracting the same type of partners or by staying?

Focus for Week Two Session: Relationships are reflections of ourselves.

We need to learn how to stop sabotaging ourselves, our relationships and how to eliminate self-sabotaging patterns. We can learn how to change our destructive behaviors but it’s a choice!

In Class 2 You Will Learn:

  1. How your patterns continue to sabotage your ideal relationship.
  2. How these destructive patterns serve you and why you repeat them.
  3. How to eliminate the pattern
  4. How to stop the role playing

Focus for Week Three Session: You start to see changes taking place in yourself and in your relationship. You finally see the possibility of living in the happy, healthy relationship that you have always wanted.

In Class 3 You Will Learn:

  1. How to “date” yourself
  2. How to ask the “right” questions
  3. How to understand the “meaning” you give to your relationship.

Focus for Week Four Session:  Communication without patterns or pain is possible. You have carried these patterns throughout your life but you can let go of them.  The outcome will be living a happy and fulfilled life in a relationship that you truly feel loved, understood and where you both thrive.

In Class 4 You Will Learn:

  1. How to communicate without your pattern, role or pain – “the tools to being effective and happy in your ideal relationship.”