What is your greatest Power?  It’s not what you think…

Ownership, Your deepest wounds and the emotions you feel are the two forces that control your thoughts and actions. Untapped and unacknowledged, they will hold you hostage. They will keep you from becoming the person you were born to be. On a very deep level, you already know this to be true. 

  • You wake up in the morning and your first thought is: “I hate who I’ve become.”
  • Your intimate relationships begin, feel and end the same way.
  • You hate being like this, “you have to keep going; you’re the one responsible; you have to get it done.”

We know without a doubt that The Healing Formula is the only way to face your pain, once and for all, and heal, not for a day, not for a year but for your lifetime. There are other approaches out there but The Healing Formula is unlike any other method and we have proof that it works!