Have you reached a point in your leadership where…

·      You feel frustrated and not respected each day having to deal with your team

·      You constantly want to avoid things because you don’t want to be the bad guy

·      You have to say things over and over and they still don’t do want you need them to do

·      You fear reprimanding your top producers for fear of them leaving

·      You feel like you have people walking all over you even though you are writing the paychecks

·      You become resentful because you pay everyone else but yourself

·      You fear you are just not a good leader

Maybe it’s even got to the point where…

You feel frustrated and trapped by the your team and even though you have systems in place it’s still not working

You’re tired of working constantly, having to deal with other people’s issues, leaving you frustrated and broken

You’re SICK of hearing people complain and blame you for their circumstances or lack of success

You’re overwhelmed and confused by how to make communication easy

You’re nervous about people not liking you anymore because you are holding them accountable

You’re communication results have been disappointing and you don’t know how to turn things around

You’ve taken countless classes and spent $1000’s for systems that only have left you with more work to handle and you still have people issues

You’ve lost sight of your dream and are considering selling your business or leaving your job but you don’t know what to do.

Honestly, we used to experience ALL of these. But we went from…

Having a huge staff walk out, loosing $1000's of dollars, getting fired for not being a good leader, being frozen in fear of rocking the boat, and feeling ashamed because we should already know how to do this…


Creating a multimillion dollar business with over 100 employees in less than 3 years and consulting & training leaders and managers in fortune 500 companies giving them the results no other coaching companies could give them.  


But before we did that for a living, we were doing THIS…


Alejandra Crisafulli Master Coach & Speaker M.SC

A good portion of my career was working for others and getting the same pay and no opportunities for advancement.   My desire was to contribute more but felt pigeon holed in a role and not feeling respected for my ideas or good work ethics.  Wondering how I could possibly get to the top or start my own business with little resources and still take care of my family as a single mom.  Ultimately thinking I will just have to find another job and fearing the same thing is going to happen, because it already did 3 or more times….

I finally got my chance as a manager and completely bombed!  I had a major walk out and lost the business $20K in revenue that year.  The owners were ready to fire me but I knew I could bring it back and promised them I would make that up and double what I had lost them.  In the next year I did just that and then some.  


Bonnie Bonadeo Emotional Intelligent Trainer and Brand Specialist

When I got fired as a manager, I was devastated because the company had spent so much time, money and effort on training me to be a great trainer and educator but zero effort on me being a great leader.  Not knowing what I did wrong was the worst part, how could I improve my leadership skills if I was not even sure what I was doing wrong and what is right?  Confused, frustrated, feeling really bad about myself and now out of a job I loved,  I had to get answers so this would never happen to me again.  I spent 1000’s of dollars going back to school, reading books and attending trainings but the most impactful thing I did was not adding more techniques to my style but really becoming aware of my “so called” style and having an awareness of my own fears when trying to communicate with others.  This is what we provide for you, not more gimmicks or techniques but a true awareness of YOU and how to overcome those fears, become truly effective and have an amazing team that likes and supports you! 

So our question to you is….


·  You no longer had to compromise yourself for the sake of your team?

·  You no longer felt stuck in fear, doubt, and insecurity about leading?

·  You no longer felt unfulfilled, small, jealous, drained, exhausted, resentful, embarrassed, or even shameful about not having the business you should have?

·  You no longer had to hustle, grind, or chase people down to get people them to do what they are supposed to do?


A step-by-step formula that was totally new and you could flow freely toward your dream of leading with unshakable confidence and clarity while making growing your business to next level.



·      Communicate confidently with your team

·      Not feel guilty for holding them accountable

·      You were very clear on how to get your team to follow you and your vision

·      You could draw a paycheck for yourself

·      You didn’t have to baby sit any longer

ALL of this without needing to break the bank or change the systems you have already implemented.  We started out with major failures in our leadership to coaching and training 1000’s in companies from across the world like….

Revlon International, TIGI, Goldwell, L’Anza, Women in the Boardroom, Oracle, Serious Business and getting on the cover of Salon Today Magazine. 


As small as we started off people became intrigued with what we were teaching and how we are teaching it.  It is so unique from any other program you have or will ever attend! 


Now, we want the same for you!

SO IMAGINE IF…we could coach you, in-person, over the course of 2 days and share all the ways that this can work for you and your leadership skills!

We are inviting you to join us in beautiful Kansas City for a 2 day Intensive Live Leadership Training on April 2nd & 3rd, 2016!


During these transformational 2 days, you will…


·      Get personal coaching and mentoring from us about your business and how to make the changes you need NOW!

·      Get crystal clear on why confrontation happens so you know how to stop it from happening in the first place.

·      Discover healthy conflict vs. unhealthy conflict and craft your unique way of speaking.

·      Learn the secret psychology to YOU being comfortable even in the uncomfortable.

·      Discover how fear is working in you and how your brain is hardwired to avoid communication.

·      Get the formula for taking yourself out of “I did something wrong” so that you aren’t afraid to say what you need to say.

·      Get the emotional intelligence to stop over reactions from what’s happening so that you can handle things from a calm and collected place.

·      Learn to avoid being in an emotional state of stupidity and get the tools to speak clearly and effectively – while still being liked.

·      Discover the role YOU play as a leader so that you don’t have to keep playing the same role.  (By role I don’t mean your job description I mean the role of being a victim, villain or hero!  Sparked your curiosity?)

·      Discover the 180 coaching method that gives you the 5 essential steps for getting the most of your team while getting what you need to support them.

·      Learn how to listen using the listening formula – used and proven to get even the worst listener to hear everything that is being said and not said. 

·      Get the tidbits that top coaches have used for years resulting in your team buying into what you say.

 Ready To Register: http://tinyurl.com/leadkansas

Get access to our “low hanging fruit” secrets:

  • Who you are as a leader
  • The 180 method that allows you to coach from a Authentic and systematic approach giving you the results you want
  • How to create connection and engage with your team no matter who they are
  • Still use the systems that you have implemented from other coaching programs – but with success

     With All of These Done-For-You Tools, Action Plans, and Liberating

Discoveries, the Greatest Discovery of Them All Will Be...

·    Having the knowledge you need to realistically map out exactly HOW you can overcome any fears stopping you from being a leader and making the money you want to make in your business!

·    Be empowered with access to the same checklists, template forms, and formulas that gave us the ability to be coach and work with top fortune 500 companies. 

·    Breakthrough your biggest fears, insecurities, doubts, and limiting beliefs that have held you down without you knowing it! We will walk you through a powerful exercise that we’ve used to overcome our deepest and darkest fears to leading others

·    Feel re-invigorated, re-energized, confident, and on fire about owning your business because you now have a clear, proven, and personalized plan of action!

·    Go from feeling resentful and underwhelmed with your team to loving supporting others fulfill their dreams!

·    Be a part of our intimate community where you will not only have support from us for 2 days, but you will get to connect with other leaders


So if you’re ready to jump on this opportunity to join us in Kansas, you will ALSO get…


Bonus #1: Fearless Leader Formula

This 4 module formula will teach you the added skill of how to go from Confrontation to Communication.  $297 value

Bonus #2: A 60 minute 1 on 1 coaching session

You will get to be coached by bonnie and Alejandra on your leadership challenges after the 2 days to ensure you are on the right track.  This will allow you to ask any questions and get the additional guidance you need to continue your success path.  $1000 value


Bonus #3: From Confrontation To Communication E-Course

This online course will guide you through 4 modules on how to authentically communicate with your team and still be liked!  This is something all leaders want to experience.  Being effective while still being liked.   $297 value

You'll Never Know Who YOUCould Be As A Leader Unless You Come…

 Register here: http://tinyurl.com/leadkansas

Maybe you’re wondering if what you receive is worth your investment. What would it be worth to you to...

 ·  Stop wasting weeks, months, years, and maybe even decades going nowhere and doing the SAME thing with your leadership (or lack of leading), yet expecting different results.

·  Pay yourself what you are worth as a leader and stop being the martyr to your business and team! Imagine the freedom, creativity, and money that this will give you to do what you love!

·  Have much more time to devote to your business rather than constantly putting it off for other things.

·  Become so clear on how you move forward with your leading, that you confidently begin guiding your team to profitability, motivation and inspiration!

·  Fulfill your mission and purpose in a way that feels so right to you!


And here’s the easiest,

no-brainer reason for

joining us in Kansas...


If you absorb our personal training and implement JUST ONE of the ideas out of the 2 DAYS WORTH that we will be pouring on, you will have covered your investment and SO MUCH MORE! We’re talking about a LIFETIME of success, income, and prosperity with your leading and communicating in ways that you never imagined possible!


The difference between leaders who are successful and leaders who wish they were is not about talent. IT'S ABOUT SHOWING UP AND NOT HIDING ANYMORE!

So Are You Ready to



I understand that when I get my ticket to

“LEAD” I will receive…

  • Full 2 day program in Kansas April 3rd and 4th, 2016 along with all the tools and resources I’ll need to come back home and show my team that I am finally the leader they have been asking for! $699
  • The confrontation to communication ecourse.  4 part module to learn at your own pace.  $297
  •  Personal training and mentoring from Bonnie & Alejandra! There will be plenty of time to ask questions and get coached right there! PRICELESS!
  •  Full access to Alejandra & Bonnie's “180 method” when I register before registration closes! $699 VALUE!
  • Two 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Alejandra & Bonnie after the 2 day course to successfully implement my plan of action $1000 VALUE!
  • Plenty of opportunities to meet, network, and connect with other leaders.

You’re Protected By My “I Love This Training” Guarantee!

Join us in Kansas April 3rd & 4th, 2016!!

Order Now and Get


(TOTAL Value of $3097) Before Registration Closes on April 1st!

ALL for just $699!!!

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