STAGES 2 Day Certification Course is designed to support those looking to improve their public speaking and communications skills.  Whether you are an educator, platform speaker, executive or you are looking to improve your relationships or advance your career opportunities, STAGES will bring you to the transformational understanding of effective communication and connection.

•    Learn the Brain Science behind connecting emotionally that gets others emotionally connected to you, your message and your brand
•    Uncovering your personal brand and how it becomes your foundation to any stage presentation that gets powerful results  
•    Sequence matters when applying the STAGING Method to take others on a journey with you that matters  


"It truly was a life changing program, I never felt such connection with my audience and because of that my clients have requested me back through 2015.” Ty Marcel, TIGI Educator


“I attended STAGES to feel more comfortable about speaking in a professional environment whether that is on stage or in a meeting and I am walking away with knowing it not just about the professional but the personal and putting that humanity behind the story, so that if you forget your words and feel anxiety it melts away, it only matters if your being an authentic and truthful speaker and STAGES helps you to uncover you, your story and your purpose." Alison Shipley, Modern Salon   


Mastering the Art of Authentic Speaking